Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence Services

Due diligence is a process of verification, investigation, or audit. ENRLIV Specialists utilizes the data collected from Site Inspection & Site operation Teams to determining and measuring the differences between the actual conditions and the Baseline Standards. This measurement process or Gap Analysis will form the foundation for making recommendations for site upgrades or enhancements to close the gap. Our Specialists use individual Gap Analysis templates governed by a set of Gap Analysis Instructions that will be developed for our Client’s project.

Based on the results of the Gap Analysis, ENRLIV Engineers will develop and prepare recommendations for site upgrades and enhancements that are appropriate to the unique environment in each region. The recommendations will naturally vary from facility to another. Recommendations will be reviewed by our Subject Matter Experts carefully prior to the final report to ensure the proposed and recommended Corrective Action Plans are suitable, appropriate, cost‐effective and maintainable within the context of each region. Our detailed repair plans and recommendations include:

  • Facility Description, Deficiencies, and Compliance.
  • EHS Compliance.
  • Corrective action plans.
  • Technical Due diligence of Assets & Condition monitoring
  • Engineering Audit – Electrical | Mechanical | HVAC | Fire System | Lift | STP
  • Equipment health & Life cycle assessment
  • Maintenance review & Assessment.
  • EHS & Legal Due Diligence
  • Electrical Safety Audit.
  • Thermography – Electro Mechanical System | Building Air Leakage

Infrared T-surveys are conducted to capture heat images of equipment, etc. to identify hotspots, so that appropriate and timely action is taken to avoid breakdowns. T-survey results provide indications of potential failures. Equipment are selected based on following:

  • Critical Electrical equipment
  • Critical panels (that feed essential services)
  • Heavy rated equipment whose failure that could result in production disruptions
  • Past equipment failures / breakdowns