Energy and Sustainability Studies

Energy and Sustainability Studies

Our focus is on ‘Innovation and Technology’ and our team comprises of LEED Accredited Professionals, WELL Accredited Professionals and Certified Energy Auditors. We follow the best sustainable practices to create high performance buildings that are compliant in every way.

At ENRLIV offering comprehensive, customized energy saving & sustainable solutions to our customers. We provide end to end solutions to our clients designed to meet their energy requirements.

Energy Audit

  • Walk Through Energy Audit
  • Comprehensive and Detailed Energy Audit
  • Performance Evaluation /Efficiency Analysis of Electrical Systems
  • Performance Evaluation /Efficiency Analysis of HVAC Systems
  • Performance Evaluation /Efficiency Analysis of Water Systems
  • Benchmarking and Energy Conservation

Power Quality Analysis

  • Harmonics Study & recommendation
  • Power factor and reactive power compensation study
  • System/Equipment losses

Environmental Audit

Green Audit

Built Environment Human Health & Wellness Advisory – IWBI

BEE Certification Audit

LEED & GRIHA Certification Audit

Energy Quality & Safety review

Energy Performance Index & Benchmarking

Energy Management Solutions - Energy Audit | PQA Assessment | Harmonic Assessment | Power Loss | Dips and Swells Assessment.

Waste Management

Renewable Energy – Solar

Environmentally conscious and green innovations - LEED & WELL Recommendation